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Waste Consultants

From our Managing Director Steve Jarrett, through to our consultants, site surveyors and engineers, we are all ready to meet your specific needs – whether it is for an informal meeting to ‘chew over an idea you have’, or to pinpoint what you have that you need to change and how to effect those changes, or simply to agree with your own environmental strategy and engage suitable partnership contacts to fulfil those ambitions within MHC.

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Waste Solutions

Materials Handling Consultants offers our customers a fully tailored, efficient and cost effective total waste management service.

Our ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL approach to waste management includes consultation and strategy, right through to the collection and recycling of all your waste types.

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Waste Cardboard

We collect and redistribute all cardboard (or paper) waste, we then re-bale at out own central plant and can guarantee the highest return rates for cardboard, we believe we cannot be beaten on large tonnage cardboard waste.

Ask us for a quotation to see how you can benefit from enhanced cardboard waste rates.

Waste Plastic

Presently we have a central UK plastics company that will take all types of plastic waste and offer the very best payment rates for films and rigids, where presently we re-bale films and granulate and resell the rigids.

Food Waste

MHC have a multitude of options for handling food waste, we work with Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants across the country to turn food waste into energy, we also have options to handle food as animal feed.

We have partnered with leading suppliers of food waste treatment equipment, using the latest technology, meaning that we will be able to offer a solution that suits your needs.

General Waste

Our main aim is to recover as much material as possible from your waste stream for recycling. Then whatever is left we will look to landfill divert, by using it as refuse derived fuel (RDF).

Metal Waste

MHC can handle all metal types through our network of metal recyclers.

Other Waste

MHC have built up routes to market and connections with numerous material processors that can handle many other non main-stream materials such as polystyrene, strapping/banding, hazardous products, out of date stock etc.

Helping you take Control of all your waste and recycling requirements

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Biomass boilers

We have partnered with leading UK biomass boilers – they manufacture their own boilers and also recommend and stock other manufacturers boilers from Italy. They offer a full range from a 100kw boiler right up to 1Mg boilers, from siting within your existing premises to pre-designed tailor made boilers (with hopper) completely within an external unit ready to deliver on site and plumb into your original pipework.

Whatever size, we can guarantee a zero capital cost installation, with the boiler costs and installation, maintenance and servicing contracts all available on affordable lease terms, usually over a 5 year period.
Providing that the boiler is used for commercial heat it normally falls within the RHI scheme controlled by the government on a 20 year agreement to subsidise your fuel costs and your boiler payment, covering the entire costs of a new installation plus subsidised fuel rates, whichever way, we guarantee your RHI acceptance as part of our unique scheme.

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