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Recycling  Materials


MHC provide a nationwide
collection service, offering the
best rates in the market.

We have national and international partnerships in place and routes to market with paper mills and plastic processors, our primary aim is to keep as much of the material that we recycle in the UK as possible, however we are also conscious of obtaining the best rebates in the market.

We have formal agreements with charitable distribution centre’s which are most likely to handle all ‘just in date’ food products – we work very closely with AD plants to handle all other food wastes, from out of date bread and yeast, out of date beer and other liquids – we have many hand sorting centre’s to handle all mixed (co-mingled) products into recyclable single products – we work alongside specialist land fill sites to handle all deep burial needs (double depth pits) and many companies to handle all document destruction under camera.

Our absolute guarantee – is that whatever your requirement is, we will make all attempts to find routes to enable you to recycle the particular material. Over the years we have handled many weird and wonderful products and with our knowledge and expertise are able to make clients revenue on materials they thought had no value.

Our first thoughts are always how can we reduce, reuse or recycle your materials.
We will always acknowledge your enquiry back within 24 hours, you’ll never need to call us twice to solve a recycling problem.

Call us today on 01908 887598 to find out how we can help with all your recycling requirements.

MHC Ltd are specialist in 100% Waste Recycling

Material types we are more than happy to handle for our clients.
If you can’t see the material that you need processing, just email or call 01908 887598 to discuss your requirements.

Cardboard & Paper

All types of paper and Cardboard baled or loose including:

Cardboard, Paper, Magazines, News papers, Posters, Pamphlets, Cardboard cores, Brochures, Wall paper.

Plastics & Films

All types of Plastics and Films including:

All LDPE Film Types, PP, PP Sacks, HDPE, LDPE, PE80, PE100, ABS, GPPS, HIPS, PC, PMMA, NYLON, 98/2, 95/5, Jazz, 80/20.

Plastic Production Waste

All types of plastic production waste including:

Buckets/Tubs – Production waste or end of life.
Extrusion Sheet Scrap – Roll stock, Skeletal waste and trims.
Automotive Waste – Bumpers, Lenses, Interior and Exterior Trim.
Packaging Waste – Trays, Boxes, Reels, all items be clean or washed.
End of Line – Pre consumer product (deep burial or supervised visually recorded destruction).

Misc Materials Types

All types of various material types including:

Textile Products (carpet, mattresses, seat coverings, car interiors).
Commercially Sensitive product destruction pre consumer.

Woods & Timber

All types of woods and timber including:

Clean wood, Pallets, Chipboard, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), Formica, Crates, Painted timber, Treated timber, Plywood.

Various Plastics

All types of Plastics including:

Moulding Scrap – Rejects, over runs, colour changes and redundant stocks.
Utility Pipe Scrap – Gas, Water – PE80 and PE100.
Wheelie Bins – Production waste or end of life.
Crates – All types taken including crates with handles and labels.
Locator Boards – All types of boards taken.

Food Waste

All types of various material types including:

Food Products either out of date or end date within 24 hours.
Contaminated Products (any mixed material, coated plastic or card food containers, drink cartons).
Out of Date Products (including product filled bottles, cans, containers).
Food Plastics partially or fully assembled (various plastics mixed, i.e. cream dispensers).

Media Scrap

All types of Media including:

Media Scrap – CD and DVD cases.
CDs and DVD’s Loose discs or in their cases.