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Total Waste Management

MHC offer a nationwide collection service of single or more importantly mixed product loads. We are able to handle 100% of your waste recycling needs.

Our collection service is second to none, we operate a self loading fleet of Moffat lorries, we do not charge a transport fee, all materials are gross weighed on collection then reported by product, on off loading. We pay the best industry rates on all materials. (monthly updates on rebate rates), with monthly free automatic recycle reporting on all collections by tonnage & material type. With regular scheduled collections and short order collections available by telephone 24 hours each day for ‘one off’ requests.

We are in addition able to top load (loose above standard IBC’s/bales) any bagged product, like smaller amounts of paper or perhaps polystyrene that have been excluded from your baled materials.

Paper Recycling Collection MHC Group
Cardboard Recycling Compacting MHC Group
Cardboard Recycling Compacting MHC Group
MHC Planning


Is what we do with you or for you, having a goal to be environmentally friendly isn’t enough, we go through every step of your business process to eliminate waste before you create it, or re-use any bi-products or waste through a recycling program.


Is simple ZERO TO LANDFILLour speciality is in finding a partner for  whatever your waste product is, we will have an exit route that benefits both companies and the environment.

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We have never had a company that couldn’t achieve their goals, we wont accept 98% recycled or aiming towards, we manage and monitor your waste through your site(s), to getting it off your sites and safely to its destination – we always reduce your costs and sometimes increase your bi-product income.

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Total Waste Management Solutions for your business

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The MHC Team

Materials Handling Consultants are proud to employ a team of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. We are all passionate about what we do, each and every one of us is responsible for making MHC Group the successful company it is today.

Steve Jarrett - Managing Director MHC Ltd

Stephen Jarrett
Managing Director

A very broad background, nearly entirely around the recycling market place, working with some of the UK leading companies as senior national account manager. Starting his own company from those experiences gained, MHC has a flavour of all the best elements of customer service and product delivery that the industry can provide. He has the support of staff who also understand the commitment of excellent service provision as the means to growing an ever increasing client portfolio.

Joe Pursell - Operations Manager MHC Ltd

Joe Pursell
Operations Director

Joe controls everything from delivery to finance, he is your point of call when you need to understand how MHC operates, how our finance department deals with credit control and who is the best person to answer your query on production, delivery and service staff delivery.
All company emails pass through Joe’s system to ensure whoever you contact within MHC he is aware of your question and often able to have input on a quick response to your query.

Andrew Bowden - Commercial Manager MHC Ltd

Andrew Bowden
Commercial Manager

In charge of managing the everyday needs of our clients, from ensuring all orders are fulfilled on time and right first time to monitoring daily recycle collections and zero to landfill policy.

Working closely with our sales staff to ensure our clients receive, and expect to receive, an MHC service that exceeds their expectations. Andrew is also responsible for HSE, compliance & legislation.